Learn New Skills, Be Active and Connect with other children
Our circus workshops for schools are designed to help children learn the fundamental skills of movement and allow children to find confidence in their agility, balance and coordination, whilst in a learning and nurturing environment.
By using a wide range of circus equipment, the children can learn fun ways to broaden their physical abilities and develop their health and fitness.

There are many benefits of circus skills workshops to school children, these include:

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Experience in different techniques of learning
  • Learn to preserve, learning about growth and fixed mindsets
  • Increased levels of imagination and creativity
  • Improved physical awareness
  • Appreciation of the arts

The workshop is delivered by professional actor and performer Grant Brookes and a typical workshop will consist of:

  • Meet & Great, the big assembly launch, Grant Brookes performance.
  • Workshops split into classes (max 6 classes in one day)
  • Celebration of success assembly, awards and certificate of attendance for all children.

To further information or to book a workshop, drop us an email or give us call: info@fitactivechildren.co.uk / 07786810485